"Used with permission" by Artist Tina "Nene" Thomas, Title "Lyrahe"

Name:Trael Alexis Draven
Race:part angel, part human, part tigress, part dragoness very mixed blood
Weight:120 pounds
Eye color:Dark Blue, shimmer with Silver
Appearance:Trael loves to dress up and can usually be found wearing party dresses and having a good time
Birthplace:Midnight Keep Of New Hope
Outward attitude:very outgoing and happy
Inward Nature:Shy and ever watchful
Abilities:She is still schooling on her powers of the magi, she can shift to a white Tigress and to a Lavendar Dragoness and has a new form recently discovered, Demonic, she is still learning the powers of those
Spells:Still being trained
Special Notes:Trael on the day she came of age her and her grandfather Vermillion went to the beach for her first shift to Dragoness, it was not to happen for as she aged to 18 as the moon reached it's zenith she turned into a Demonic being running off into the night frightened, her coloring and personality changed from the happy go lucky child.

The Dravens

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