Thaela DeMonte

Thaela's Yahell Profile

Name:Thaela DeMonte
Age:Unknown, Looks about 25
Hair:Silvery blonde
Eye color:Green
Appearance:She is a beautiful woman with the eyes of the blind. Perhaps the eyes of a seer
Occupation:None at current
Outward attitude:Quite and shy
Inward Nature:Lonely and scared
Weapons: Her hatchling Teron meaning Mischief
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Hatchling quickly becoming a dragon his name is Teron or Mischief
Special Notes:Thaela was thrown through a portal beaten. It has taken her a long time to heal but she has all her strength back. None know the reasons for the beating she took, she was left for dead in the forests of Darasaee where she was found by her companion Ben whom she is greatly attached too and very fond of and dependant on. The truth of the story lies locked away in her mind, where one day she will find she was a shrew of the worst sort and in trying to gain more power than she deserved many rebelled against her and tried to kill her many times over. Somehow she survived and that is how she ended up in Ben's care a very changed woman.

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