"Used with Permission" by Artist Larry Elmore, Title, "Lost Tales"

Artist of this Picture is Jonathan Earl Bowser, Picture named "A Beckoning"

Name:Telina Myst, Angel of Wisdom
Nicknames:AoW, Telina, Lina
Race:1/2 Angel(Angel of Mercy)1/2 elf
Height: 5'4"
Hair:Dark Brown almost black to knees and beaded or braided.
Eye color:Emerald Green
Appearance:Silver and red wings, lightweight blue dress, simple sandals
Outward attitude:Shy but playful, craves knowledge, has nose stuck in a book most of the time
Inward Nature:Needs to learn to play and not take life so seriously
Weapons:What are those??
Spells:healing and spells that have to do with the manipulation of air
Abilities:Angel of Air, Manipulation of the element of air
Special Notes:Raised by her father Merloch but then lived with her grandmother DarkMistress Nissandra through her troubled times giving her comfort where she could. She loves to play with her brother Darius when she can find him as he, Merloch and DM are her only family.
As Telina returned to Mistress' home as Kelnor was sealed against her, she felt unwanted and unloved. As she looked from her window standing within the woods was the Arch Angel of Fire, Sade Ravine, he beckoned to her, she went with him and in time. She finally fell in love.

At Heaven's Gates, Telina's Page

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