Stephan Courtney, King of Darasaee

Used with Permission by Artist Keith Parkinson, Title "Faith of The Fallen"

Name:Stephan Courtney
Eye color:Grey
Appearance:Blond hair, grey eyes, muscular build, boyish looks with a charming smile.
Occupation:King of Darasaee
Outward attitude:Funny, Good Natured
Inward Nature:Content
Weapons: Staff of the Blindman (Has many magikal abilities in it. Broadsword
Abilities:The Ability to learn magicks but hasn't as of yet. His twin sister seems more adept at things magickal
Spells:None yet
Special Notes:Cursed into a statue with his sister for over 400 years, his cousin Teralesa and her friends rescued and saved them from the "DarkLord" that had taken over Darasaee. Now he is trying to live a peaceful life after being crowned King and proposing to his beloved Kerowyn.

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