"Used with permission" by Artist Radha Madhava dasa Title "Colorful Stares"

After the bonding with the ravens. She changed.....

Name:Sierra Darkwing
Nicknames:Sara, Sisi
Race:High Elf
Age:over 300
Weight:90 pounds
Hair:Raven black nearly to her feet.
Eye color:Green
Appearance:As Above
Outward attitude:Quiet, shy, observant
Inward Nature:Very pleasant if you get to know her. Lonely.....Sometimes scared.
Weapons:Crossbow, powders of various herbs, most are harmful or deadly
Abilities:She is bonded with the Ravens and can rip her cell structure apart and change into a raven forming at will where she chooses. She is capable now of doing this to her son Damaticus and daughter Raven she can if touching them change them into a raven if they need to escape. However both are now capable of doing the same.
Special Notes:An elf on the run, dodging assassins and bounty hunters. User beware, she trusts no one. She loves none. She is alone in the worlds called Fantasy, where so many wish to steal something from her....most..her life.

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