Name:Sherie O'Kennedy
Sex: Female
Hair:Firey Red well past her waist
Eye color:Deep Green
Appearance:Her clothing is Midevil and from the 18th century of Earth, Ireland.
Birthplace:Ireland, Earth
Outward attitude:Scared, uncertain, fearing men and their controlling ways. Wanting accepted for whom she is and a spitfire when one would argue her proper ways.
Inward Nature:Lonely, lost and frightened
Weapons: eating dagger?
Abilities:Untrained as of yet
Spells:a few
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:A green dragon named D'ante, given to her by Mistress Nissandra
Special Notes:Having been brought here from Earth by Lance Xternal and Talon Darklighter, she is persued by The Dark One that trained her in magical abilities on earth.
Her parents dying shortly after she was three, her Uncle took control of their estate and sent the child to live with the peasants, seeing her blooming to a pretty girl at 7 he sent her to a girls school thinking to sell off his neice when she came of age and sent a dark mage to train her in dark arts to get rid of her if she should fail to bring him a good price when the time was right.
Her uncle was killed in the wars that followed and she was 14, the new Lord of her home took an interest in this investment her uncle had made upon the girl and went to the school when she was 15 and finding her in the basement being trained in the dark arts, he yanked the lass to her feet by her long firey hair and threatened to lash her, she blabbering that her Uncle had hired the man to train her, she not really knowing the whole truth of the deal.
The Lord removed her from the school taking her back to her home and she would go stay with the peasants as she had done all her young years and this enraged the Lord of the Keep. He drug her into the Keep and threatened to whip her himself if she didn't tell him why she was sleeping with the peasants and servants. In tears she told him what her Uncle had done to her all those years. The new Lord staring at Sherie shocked and repulsed that she had been treated so poorly by her own family. He let her go and didn't press her to stay in the keep, he however followed the lass about watching her and he dug further into her Uncles things to find him a rather shady character and had made many deals on her behalf that she more than likely didn't know of.
The Lord found her to be shy yet very well liked by the peasants, they all knowing she was the Lady of the Keep though thrown out like a black sheep to live with them. They welcomed her with open arms and she became their healer, many knowing she possessed the dark art and protected her from anyone knowing, the Lord knew but hoped she never practiced it here as witches were hunted down and burned at the stake. He learned she was funny and clumsy and a spitfire, her story telling and ways with birds luring him to continue his watch upon the lass.
She would never know of the protector that resided in the Lord that followed her about. She thought he was mearly following her to see if she used the teachings she learned at the school. She hoped he would never see her use it, as she did at times amongst the peasants when plagues would strike or battles as their people where dwindling. A force much stronger than she at work here. The Uncles dealings had left nothing undone in his death.
Her 17th year the Lord would plan to marry the lass and pull her into his world and protect her if any should learn of her dark arts. He planned it and agonized over it, hoping he could save her as time grew short. The village of the Keep was dwindling and she was not able to stop the destructions and deaths, the training had not advanced that far before he had found her. He however from his findings found she to be one of the few to possess the strength and power to practice the dark arts. Her uncle had known this and had attempted to gain from it. He however never knew what he hoped to gain. It would be learned later he gained immortality from it. The darker Gods having made the deals with him.
He learned that the lass also had a habit of talking to the birds and nature around her. Many had called her odd for such ways but he found it endearing to listen to her speaking to the animals about her like her own children. The Lord fell in love with the lass yet again...she would never know. For it came to their home a great war. The search for the dark witch of the Keep. The Lord faught valiantly for her and the peasants hid her well. The hid her in a cave that none knew of near the river. After the soldiers left she returned to the Keep finding the Lord dead having heard him dying fighting to protect her, she knelt by him in tears for he the only that had seemed to care about her in so many years. She buried him proper and fled the village with but a few of her items. Her herbs and charms and the clothing on her back. And eventually the hunters and their dogs found her. The trapped her in a forest near the river and this would be where Lance Xternal found her.

Retired September 2001

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