Sheila Courtney, Queen of Darasaee

Used with Permission by Artist Keith Parkinson , Title "Faith of The Fallen"

Name:Sheila Courtney
Race:Human Mage
Eye color:Grey
Appearance:Blonde, Grey eyes, muscular build and good with a bow and arrows
Occupation:Queen of Darasaee
Outward attitude:Kind
Inward Nature:Ever watchful
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, short sword
Abilities:Telepathy, empathy, teleportation and magickal abilities, mostly in healing
Special Notes:Cursed into a statue with his sister for over 400 years, his cousin Teralesa and her friends rescued and saved them from the "DarkLord" that had taken over Darasaee. She stands in her big brothers shadow and loves it there.

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