"Used with permission" from Anime Genesis, from the series Angel Sanctuary

Name:Shantralie Draven
Race:Human, Angel, Magi, traces of Tigress and Dragoness.
Age:between 18-20, aged with fae growth so the age is actually unknown
Hair:Raven black to her waist
Eye color:Silver
Appearance:Well dressed wearing finely tailored clothing, she bears a rune on her forehead from her birth.
Occupation:In Training
Birthplace:"Keep of Twilight Dreams"
Outward attitude:Snot, uncaring, cold.
Inward Nature:Shy, feels unwanted, taunted by her brothers she moved out.
Weapons:not determined yet
Abilities:"Calming touch"
Spells:undefined at this time
Special Notes:Daughter of Trent and Cephilia Draven
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