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Name:Robyn Nehar
Nickname:lil bird
Race:1/2 human, 1/2 fae
Hair:Dark Red
Eye color:Rose
Appearance:A young woman in the blossoms of womanhood, she geneerally would wear the robes of the desert dwellers but she has come to Altreas to escape captivity and wears pants and tunic and all the nice silky things that Traedonos Darklighter bought her.
Outward attitude:Fun-loving, playful, prankster, happy even in the worst of times
Inward Nature:Craves something out of life but not sure yet
Weapons: None
Abilities:Unknown yet
Special Notes:She carries the blood of the fae in her, she is unaware of the power she is about to remember through her dreams and visions.

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