Raven Shara DarkWing-Ravencaller

Raven's Yahell Profile for Picture

Name:Raven Shara DarkWing-Ravencaller
Race:Telinkian Elf
Weight:90 pounds
Hair:Raven Black past her waist
Eye color:Deep Green
Appearance:Child of nature, skin as white as new snow, hair as dark as the darkest night with no stars, slender and eloquent, she moves through the trees, she tris to make a life while hunted. Her face is usually painted to hide the red rune on her forhead.
Occupation:Hunter, Healer
Outward attitude:Shy and very quiet
Inward Nature:Looking for something out of life besides death
Weapons: Bow and arrows
Spells:A few
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:The Raven
Special Notes:She like her mother and brother are hunted for whom she is and what she is. The first full blooded Telinkian elf born since the Purge in Telinkia. The bounty on their heads is great.

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