Picture scanned by the player off the bookcover.

Name:Moyra Bucannon
Hair:Silvery Blonde
Eye color:Silver/Grey
Appearance:Slender and slight, she is a dainty thing with a great inner strength, wearing generally clothing to suit the realm she is in, and her hair wild and unbound like she.
Occupation:Student of The Temple of Mages
Outward attitude:Curious
Inward Nature:Lonely
Weapons: Several daggers
Abilities:She is a seer by birth right, she is a witch by Earthly standards, her powers are untried and untrained
Spells:Many healing spells mostly neutral spells that can leand either way
Special Notes:Being hunted on earth for her powers she was saved from her fated death to be brought to this realm where they welcomed her with open arms. However for her training at the temple her life belongs to The Head Mage and she knows not her fate. She is not abused there, she is rather pampered the mage thinking her like the daughter he never got to have and she thinking of him like a father figure. She craves now more in life as she has blossomed into womanhood and her eyes see the world differently now.

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