Artist Luis Royo, title "Ties of Power"

Name:Morigan Filan, Heavens Secret
Age:Unknown, appears about 17
Hair:Firey Red
Eye color:Green
Appearance:Generally dressed to blend into her surroundings
Occupation:Specialized in war tactics and weapons.
Birthplace:born on the planet Marianik and raised on the planet Varkin by aliens not of her race.
Outward attitude:Warm, friendly, curious
Inward Nature:Curious, lonely
Weapons: Natural cloaking and special visions, Normal mode, like a humans, normal range and sight, limited by the light in the area, the world appears blue, and the human appears as multi colored heat signatures, aliens mode, red appearance, aliens stand out appearing stark black and white no hint of red, non aliens will not stand out in this mode. works well in darkness. predator vision mode, highlights other predators in white, but other enemies don't stand out. rest of the world appears green. works well in Darkness. light looks black in this mode. Wrist blades: Shoulder mounted laser cannon: also called the plasma caster, can be recharged, requires lots of energy to fire. has auto aim, you see a triangle zoomed on your target. 25 quick shots, or 5 high powered shots: this weapon fires in a straight line, not advisable to use on a moving target: Spear gun: sniper weapon. allows zoom in on the prey. 30 spears loaded spears cannot be retrieved and reused. (Note drops your cloaking to use) Pistol: short range. it files a glowing sphere that causes radiating damage, you can kill 2 aliens if they are next to each other. if it hits a predator it can rip their suit and stun them for 30 minutes to an hour. to a human it can be fatal, depending on where hit. can fire 20 rounds before gun goes dead.(Note drops your cloaking to use) Disk: must be retrieved after use. potent weapon, very unique each predator carries their disk it is auto aim and tracker: (bladed frisbee that does come back to you) Medicomp: healing device, restores the predator to full health, needs to be fully charged to use and not used less damage is high, it is located on the wrist with a self destruction device. when it is activated there are 2 needles the predator jams into himself and it heals the predator the pain does cause a very high pitched scream from the predator and it drops it's cloaking device.
Special Notes:Background: As a small baby her planet was literally destroyed by the alien wars. In the destruction Morigan's parents were killed and she was found in her crib crying by the leader of the defenders and taken into his care and raised. She was taught their language and was prepared for journies to other lands, A pod was made for her, she was trained in weaponry and the stars. The defenders taught her to make weapons as well as weild them. A body suit was given to her and a face mask she would become like the Predator and would blend into a forest without notice. Her agility was great, able to scale walls and trees without a sound, to outrun the other predators on foot.

War did come to them eventually, the predators wanted the intelligent woman for their own purposes and she was put into the prepared pod with the maps of the stars her destination predetermined and she fled while the defenders tried to lead them astray. However they had been onto them for years, she was followed to the land she had chosen and the battle now continues on.

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