Montana Durane
Name:Montana Durane
Weight:100 pounds
Hair:Raven Black
Eye color:Jade Green
Appearance:Raven black hair to her waist, Jade green eyes, slender and graceful. Usually dressed for travelling.
Occupation:Misplaced Queen
Birthplace:Mountains of Darasaee
Outward attitude:Quiet and reserved
Inward Nature:Observant
Weapons: She can handle most any weapon, her skills fall with the crossbow
Abilities:Elven abilities, telepathy, healing with nature.
Spells:Elven nature spells
Special Notes:When the Darklord killed her husband and took over Darasaee, she hid their three children, and many year later the three rose up to overthrow the Darklord and put the rightful King Stephan Courtney on the throne. Teralesa, Edward and Keelin now make their own way in the realms. Montana has wandered off with Keelin to try and recapture some of what they lost.

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