Name:Lillianna Quartermaine, "Angel of Enchantment"
Race:Elven Angel
Weight:120 pounds
Hair:Blonde streaked with black, coiled around her head looking like a "halo" Or "crown" falling to her knees
Eye color:Dark Blue, at times a glowing blue
Appearance:As above, a white cotton dress with the back open to allow for her white wings with black streaks. She bears a hideous scar upon her left cheek, Mark of a demon.
Occupation:"Angels of The Damned"
Outward attitude:Shy, quiet, timid,
Inward Nature:Always watching and waiting, always aware of her surroundings
Weapons:"If Looks could Kill"
Abilities:Telepathy for a few chosen, has unbreakable mind walls constructed by "The Holy Ones",
Spells:The Spells of Enchantment
Special Notes:Recently having fallen from the heavens Lillianna searches for her "chosen one" and it is believed she found him at the gathering one night, Fate driving her right into his arms when an orc frightened her and fell dead at her feet. More will come as time unfolds for her and her Twin Marissa.
Retired September 2001

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