Name:Liah Marie Xternal
Nickname:Midnight's Mistress
Sex: Female
Race:1/2 human, 1/2 valheru
Hair:Midnight black and wavey, hanging to her knees when free and unbound
Eye color:Dark Brown
Appearance:Looking much like her mother, she was blessed with the white feathered wings of the divines, She generally dresses in a white shift when she follows her Mama around her garden and tends to the herbs and foods there. Otherwise she is found in shorts or jeans and a simple cotton tunic that laces up the front and is backless for her wings which she does not hide.
Occupation:Mistress Divine
Birthplace:Altreas Beach
Outward attitude:Caring and warm, very outgoing and fun-loving.
Inward Nature:Rather shy at times when it comes to males that are not her brothers.
Weapons: None
Abilities:Untrained as of yet
Spells:Unknown yet
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:A white panther
Special Notes:Retired September 2001

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