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Name:Laurana Gainan Dragonsbane
Race:Human, Elven, Dragoness, Tigeress, Magi
Hair:Blue, to her knees and unbound like her mothers
Eye color:Dark Blue
Appearance:Generally in a form fitting dress or Jeans and a tuni and boots depending if she is tending the Inn or riding
Occupation:Tavern and Inn Keeper
Birthplace:CrossRoads Tavern and Inn
Outward attitude:Curious, outgoing, child of nature
Inward Nature:Lonely, scared, wishing for more
Weapons: Whatever she grabs off the bar to clock you with
Abilities:Shifter, magi
Special Notes:Her mother dying as she gave life to her, she does not want children of her own for fear that the curse of the female child would kill her too. She however craves to be loved by her family, not yet aware of boys as anything but a problem in life.
Laurana now has a precious daughter in her life. Aurana Cephilia Gainan. Her beloved never returned as he so promised he would and now she and her daughter make lives for themselves elsewhere tending bar if they can, baking or making a general nuisance of themselves.

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