Name:Krysten Marsei
Nicknames:Krissy, Krysty
Race:Elven Angel/Weretiger/Human
Hair:Whitish blonde hair to her waist
Eye color:Dark Blue
Appearance:Whitish blonde hair to her waist, Dark blue eyes, white wings, dressed mostly in backless tunics for her wings or backless dresses, and jeans and soft leather boots.
Birthplace:Crimson Keep of Serenity (July 6, 2000)
Outward attitude:Shy
Inward Nature:Happy and fun loving
Abilities:Unknown yet
Special Notes:She has found her hearts mate in Arrick Karrigan, the shifter that has caught the shy angel and her heart as well. His rough growly ways only attract her more to him and she has fallen fully for him and given herself to the man beast that she loves with all that is her.
Retired September 2001

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