Keara's Yahoo Profile

Name:Keara Edaline
Hair:Silvery White
Eye color:Silvery/Grey
Appearance:Generally she wears dark clothing which makes her appear paler than she really is, her hair hangs well past her waist and is usually worn loose and unbound, Her wings are white and she has chosen not to hide them even though she lives amongst demons.
Birthplace:DEF though it is unknown to any but Cash Rayne who helped deliver her.
Outward attitude:Quite, calculating, Every watchful
Inward Nature:Curious to know why she does not look at all like her parents and learn the truth of herself, for she knows deep within that something is not as it seems
Weapons: Several daggers upon her person
Abilities:Divine intervention
Spells:All Divine known
Special Notes:She is a child of the prophecy of a human woman raped by Michael and seduced by Lucifer, but which child is she? The divines? or the Devils? Her twin has never been known to her but she has the sense that there is more to her than she has ever been told

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