Name:Katrina Antilles
Nicknames:Kat, Trina, Kitty
Race:Human, Stalxian Elf, shapeshifter
Hair:Dark Brown with streaks of red
Eye color:Dark Brown
Appearance:Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, dressed usually in Jeans and a comfortable tunic unless weilding her mothers faceless Helm and armor, gold crescent on her forhead
Occupation:None as of yet.
Birthplace:Altreas (June 22, 2000)
Outward attitude:Fun loving
Inward Nature:kind and generous
Weapons:Broadsword when in armor.
Abilities:Mothers touch, lick healing, shifts to a Cheeta as she has bonded with it. accute hearing, smell and sense of direction. (maybe more to come as the character grows)
Spells:Unknown yet
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Her drake, Ker
Special Notes:Retired September 2001

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