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Name:Katarina Deranged
Race:1/2 elven, 1/2 human gypsy
Eye color:an ever changing shade of blue
Appearance:Generally dressed in elven or gypsy garb, many charms and amulets of varying origins, an elven made cloak that will allow her to blend with her surroundings, her hair is very long and purplish, her eyes are an ever changing dark shade of blue or black the true color is not known.
Occupation:Wandering Healer
Outward attitude:Caring of the wounded
Inward Nature:Frightened and alone
Weapons:Several daggers and potions
Abilities:Healing and defensive only
Spells:Unknown to any
Special Notes:After a raid upon her families gypsy camp and her own abuse by the bandits she was found by a lone elderly woman that healed all her wounds and trained her to heal others as she had done for the young lass. And one day on their hunt for herbs they ran across the men that had killed her family and they trapped and burned them alive. Exacting her revenge. She then travelled to ease her mind of its torment and help others that needed her healing powers.
In her life now she has become a prophet. The latest prophecy to grace her tome has torn out her very soul. She must sacrifice once more the man she loves to save the lives of thousands. She now turns from her fate with tears and sorrow and lives the lonely life of a healer. "I am not meant to love, nor be loved."

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