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Name:Eden Darkwind
Weight:75 pounds
Hair:blends of golden blonde, black, and dark browns
Eye color:Brown
Appearance:She appears to have the stripes of a leopard, perhaps bonded to them? She wears many elven charms and braclets, carrying her elven bow an quiver upon her back her clothing generally those of summer a tank and shorts, no boots less she finds herself in a cool climate then she will indeed dig out her boots and warm clothing as she stalks through the trees
Outward attitude:Loner, Quiet Not generally friendly
Inward Nature:Lonely, shy and afraid of the outter worlds
Weapons: Elven bow, several daggers
Abilities:Natures touch
Spells:Nature's spells
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:All creatures great and small are known to her as she is a child of nature, but none are her pets nor familiars
Special Notes:

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