Destiny The Prophet

Used with permission by Artist Luis Royo, Title "Golden Kabala"

Name:Destiny The Prophet
Race:Elven and Human
Hair:Silvery Blonde
Eye color:Grey/Silver
Appearance:Usually dressed in blending colors as she is called one of the Rebels of Darasaee.
Occupation:Rebel, Prophet
Outward attitude:Going in for the kill
Inward Nature:She cares deeply for those she befriends
Weapons: Sword, dagger, bow and arrow, anything she can get her hands on
Abilities:Helaing with nature
Spells:A few
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: Skylar count? :-P
Special Notes:While trying to bring down the Dark Lord that ruled Darasaee she happened upon a pirate as she paraded as a hag. And upon their adventures thereafter she fell in love with her pirate and now travels with him wherever he will roam.

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