"Used with Permission by Artist" Keith Parkinson, Title "North Watch"

Name:Death Dragoness
Nicknames:Lady Death
Race:Dragoness/high elf
Height:Elf-5' Dragoness-200 feet from tail to head
Weight:We won't go there
Hair:White in elven form, White Dragoness
Eye color:Blue
Appearance:Wears black robes with the runes of death upon them
Occupation:Assassin/Protector of Moonlit Castle
Birthplace:The Mountains of Gem Forest
Outward attitude:Bitch should say it all
Inward Nature:Frosty?
Weapons:Dragoness form-Spiked tail, breath of death, cold breath, kiss of death. Elven form: Kiss of death, dagger, Shattered Dreams
Special Notes:

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