Damaticus DarkWing "Dark Wings of The Raven"

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Name:Damaticus DarkWing
Race:1/2 human, 1/2 elf
Hair:Raven Black past shoulders
Eye color:Deep Green
Appearance:Usually dressed in shades to blend in with the forest. Rune on his forhead
Outward attitude:Quiet, protective of his family. To many he seems snobbish.
Inward Nature:Lonely, shy
Weapons: Bow and arrows, daggers, sword
Abilities:Handy with herbs and posions, powders and carving. Bonded to the Raven, can explode into a flock of Raven's with a thought.
Spells: A few
Special Notes:Damaticus was concieved of his mothers vampiric husband. He, however left her shortly after Damaticus was concieved and he has never met him. Silent Wandering Soul raised him as his own, but Silence has since passed on IRL. Damaticus now wanders with his mother wherever she may roam with his sister Raven. With the birth of the two the bounty on their heads through the Drow King has tripled. They all are bonded to the Raven.

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