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Name:Lacey McCullough, her real name is known only to her brother Bryce McCullough believed dead and Adrian Edaline
Nicknames:Scarlet Masque, Crimson Jade, Crimson Whispers, Crimson Lace.
Race:Demonic Elite
Age:Looks around 17-18 her true age is unknown but she has been around a very long time
Eye color:Jade Green
Appearance:She has a look of innocence about her, her bearing is extremely noble. Her clothing perfect, a dress of white, with gold thread around the neck, wrists and hem. Her red hair generally worn lose hangs past her waist.
Outward attitude:Very quiet
Inward Nature:A deep embedded hate of men. Lonely.
Weapons:She is a master of metals she can bend them to her will.
Special Notes:Background: listed on her page.

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