Clemency "Angel of Mercy"

Used with permission by Artist Luis Royo

Name:Clemency (Angel of Mercy)
Hair:Raven Black past her waist
Eye color:Silver
Appearance:Black wings, horns on her forehead, silver eyes and walking around with barely a stitch of clothing upon her. What she does wear is of the finest silk or satin for she is allergic to most human cloth
Occupation:Angel of Mercy
Birthplace:Is there a birthplace for a divine?
Outward attitude:Watchful, quiet
Inward Nature:Lonely, searching for something or someone
Weapons: Halo, divine dagger
Abilities:All that is holy
Special Notes:An elder vampire got into the heavens and fought with Clemency and her sisters casting them to the earth below. He bit her and being divine and impossible to turn into a vampiric being she split into her alter ego Malice. The alter ego has since been cast from earth but it is believed that Malice still resides closeby watching Clemency

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