Clarese Fountaine

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Name:Clarese Fountaine
Race:Magi, Shifter-Tigress
Hair:Reddish Blonde
Eye color:Sapphire Blue
Appearance:Slender and graceful, she would wander nekkid if she could but due to society she wears pants and shirt and walking boots. In her 1/2/1/2 shift she walks around in nothing but a long shirt and in Tigress form she is a white tiger with black stripes.
Birthplace:Realm of Gaia
Outward attitude:Quiet, shy
Inward Nature:Lonely and memoryless
Weapons: dagger attached at her hip
Abilities:Shifting, magi magick
Spells:Natures healing
Special Notes:When her son Quinton tried to bring her back from the dead, the spell yanked her from her mothers arms in the heavens and threw her into the realm of Gainan where she was abused and enslaved. Eventually she escaped and was thrown into other realms. She eventually found her daughter Laurana who taught her to talk all over again and so the story goes on. She struggles now with her lover Damascus and the feelings he brings to her. She doesn't remember him but she feels drawn to him though he refuses to love her again.

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