Name:Chantelle Dupree
Hair:Golden Blonde
Eye color:Honey Brown
Appearance:As Pictured
Occupation:High Priestess of The Temple of Mages, till the Demon destroyed her "master" and owner and set her free. Now...she simple is.
Outward attitude:Cold, Mean, sharp tongued
Inward Nature:Lonely, craving to be loved and actually love someone back as she has never loved truely
Weapons: Dagger
Abilities:Divine powers
Spells:Divine in nature
Special Notes:Before she could earn her wings The powerful mage from the temple of mages took advantage of a situation and took the divine and her soulstone promising to let her live for her loyalty and her life devoted to him. She not wishing to die though she already had in truth agreed. And then Rase found her, kidnapped her, made her feel pleasure though he had to force her she truely enjoyed what he made her feel. He then killed the mage and set her free as he slowly had been crushing her for betraying him. Rase then gave her the wings of a dove and asked for nothing in return. Now...the Demon and Angel don't want to let go of each other but can demons and divines reside together this way?
Retired September 2001

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